SciTEHexEdit is a basic hex viewer and editor written as a Lua extension for the SciTE editor. Browsing, editing and saving operations can be performed. There is a hex pane and an ASCII pane. The hex editor automatically opens in monospace mode, is in colour, and changes are highlighted. A console window allows many more complex commands to be entered. There is also a help screen and detailed help texts for console commands, plus examples.

Being a Lua script, it can be easily extended to suit one’s needs, and everything is contained in a single file. SciTEHexEdit is compatible with SciteExtMan. For users who use proportional fonts, the hex editor automatically opens in monospace mode. Advanced users can further customize the editor in many ways by tweaking the Lua script, e.g. completely change colours and font styles.

SciTEHexEdit is released under the MIT license. Planned features include: search and replace, resizing, undo/redo.


All the following screenshots were created on Win32 SciTE 1.71:
The main edit window: SciTEHexEdit-editscreen.png (22KB)
Help for the edit window: SciTEHexEdit-helpscreen.png (20KB)
The console window: SciTEHexEdit-consolescreen.png (16KB)


Project Links on LuaForge: SciTEHexEdit project page | File releases
Entry on Lua Wiki under SciteScripts: SciteHexEdit

Latest version: SciTEHexEdit-0.11 (41KB zip)

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Thanks to the LuaForge team for hosting this material. This page was written on SeaMonkey. SciTEHexEdit was developed using the SciTE editor.

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